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From birth to breeding, our happy dog are nourished with care and attention. For 36+ years, the affectionate experts at BG&S have maintained the credibility of their family business by developing a healthy environment for the dogs to grow and transform into a sophisticated breed of healthy pets: efficient in therapy and companions for eternity.

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Welcome to Brisbane Groodles & Spoodles. We are glad you dropped by! We are a small family
boutique dog breeder specialising in red, gold and champagne mini groodles and spoodles. We live
with our dogs and puppies on 9 beautiful acres of land where they can run and play. Our breeding dogs are
selected for their clear DNA panels, excellent temperaments and divine colours. If you are interested in
applying for one of our puppies please complete the puppy enquiry form below or drop us an email.

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Why us?

Welcome to Brisbane Groodles & Spoodles. We are a family boutique breeder specialising in red, gold and champagne standard groodles, mini groodles and mini spoodles.

Our love for all animals, big and small, began 35 years ago with our first two miniature poodles, Gigi and Poppy. Since then, breeding and producing exceptional puppies has been our goal. We don’t believe that any dog should live in a kennel and do not support kennels or outdoor housing for dogs. All our breeding dogs are part of our family and live inside with us. We live on acreage and our dogs have full access to our surrounding property.

Our breeding dogs and puppies are raised in our home or in a guardian home. We aim to breed beautiful and healthy puppies that make lifetime companions. At BG&S our breeding program focuses on always improving the breed. We primarily breed for health, excellent temperament, hypo allergenic coats and colour. 

Many of our pups make excellent therapy dogs and go on to work each day. Our pups are raised on a curriculum based program and this helps us identify pups that are suitable as therapy dogs. Please contact us if you are wanting to adopt a therapy puppy and we will walk you through the process. All our breeding dogs are extensively DNA tested. You can be assured when you purchase a pup from us that the newest addition to your family is clear of hereditary diseases. All our pups come with a written health guarantee. If you are looking for your forever fur baby please complete a puppy enquiry form below.

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If you are looking for a compassionate friend or a kind therapist, give a call to inquire about how our breed of dogs can find a home in your property or problems.

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